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Smoothing Salt Scrub 350g
Heel Treatment Ointment 50g
Revitalising Foot Balm with 5% UREA 250ml
Regenerating & Nourishing Hand Cream 250ml
Master Link Base Coat 12ml
Master Velvet Top Coat No Wipe 12ml
Master Shine Top Coat No Wipe 12ml
Polyflexi Spatula (double – sided tool)
Polyflexi Liquid 200ml
Polyflexi System Top Coat 12ml
Polyflexi System Base Coat 12ml
Polyflexi Gel 05 Cover Pink 60ml
Polyflexi Gel 04 Coral 60ml
Polyflexi Gel 03 Dark Pink 60ml
Polyflexi Gel 02 Soft Pink 60ml
Polyflexi Gel 01 White 60ml
Polyflexi Gel 00 Neutral 60ml
Regenerating Cuticle & Nails Rose Oil 15ml
Régénérée Nail Therapy
Cuticle Remover Ultra Fast Gel 15ml

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