3 IN 1 Accelerator


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3 IN 1 Accelerator

New Generation Product

Save time and speed up your lash work with 3 IN 1.

3 IN 1 Accelerator can be used on the natural eyelashes in the preparation stage as a Primer Replacement, as well as on the eyelash extension strip to accelerate the adhesive.

The Best Part? In both applications, thanks to the very special composition in the bottle, a large part of the adhesive is already bonded during application. This means it can reduce the reactions and red eyes of very sensitive customers!

Fume Bond

When to use the 3 IN 1?

Are your fans closing? Is bonding and attachment slow?

You need to use on the Natural Eyelashes.

Use directly on the natural eyelashes to add moisture. This will help with attachment and keep those fans from closing. If we don’t have enough moisture on our natural lashes, our fans will start to close together creating long stalks. The 3 IN 1 Accelerator helps keep your fans to stay open when you’ve placed them.

Application onto Natural Eyelashes : Super gentle Primer

Apply a drop of 3-in-1 Accelerator to a Micro Brush and moisten the pre- cleaned natural eyelashes
Work as usual.

When to use the 3 IN 1?

Do you have low humidity? Do you need to clean the lash strip?

You need to use on the Eyelash Extension Strip.
Application onto Eyelash Extension Strip : Accelerator

Apply a drop of 3-in-1 Accelerator to a Micro Brush and lightly wet the base of the extensions on the strip.
Let dry/evaporate for 1-2 minutes
Work as usual.

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Depending on your room temperature, you only need to apply 3-in-1 Accelerator to the strip 2-3 times a day!

3 IN 1 Works with ANY Adhesive.

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