Black Soap


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Marvel at how this little block of brown marble will leave your skin cleansed, tighten, smooth and even. Our authentic Ghanaian black soap is a must have in any naturalist’s bathroom and should be used from head to toe!

Made from our very own farmed plantain, (husk- ash) Shea Butter tree bark, Cocoa butter oil and Coco Butter pods which are first sun dried and then roasted in a even and constant temperature which is then blended together with water – resulting in the black soaps unique brown to white orientation and unique scent which ensuring the moisturising and therapeutic benefits

Black soap has been used in Africa for centuries mainly for its healing qualities. Made out of plantain husk (ash), Shea Butter and Coco Butter to give added moisturising benefits.

The soap helps various skin types from normal, oily, dry and problem skin – alleviating acne prone skin, rashes, eczema- to uneven complexions and irritated skin. The soap gives your skin a wakeup call instantly- Many have automatically notice or felt the difference from their first trial, a hidden secret worth sharing.

The soap naturally contains Vitamins A and E and Iron and is 100% natural The soap can be used all over the body, hair and face. Only a small amount is required as soaps lavers into bubbles quite quickly– great for your tub and hair.

Directions for use: Gently rub a reasonable amount of soap into a cotton wash cloth and gently rub onto the skin’s surface. After applying the soap rinse the body/face/ hair with warm water.
After drying your skin apply Mama-Sia’s Shea Butter to further hydrate and nourish your skin.
* Do not leave the soap in water as it has the tendency to melt
And always cover your soap after use to avoid bacteria.

* Please note for first time users: some people may experience a “tingling” sensation on the skin this is a normal occurrence with black soap as it clears away all dead skin and dirt from your skin’s surface and should pass after a couple of washes.
Leaving your skin smooth and clear after one wash!

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