Blue Light Protection Serum

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The skin barrier-strengthening gel for face and décolleté to protect against premature skin aging and skin irritation caused by exposure to HEV light (high-energy visible light), also known as blue light. This light can cause oxidative stress, which in turn promotes the formation of cell-damaging free radicals. This can result in acute photodamage, premature skin aging, hyperpigmentation and inflammatory skin ailments. The extract of nasturtium strengthens the barrier function of the skin and provides for an improved oxygen supply. Stem cells of cranberries revitalize skin damaged by exposure to sunlight. Extracts of Mexican giant hyssop reduce irritation and redness, such as that with acne and rosacea. For healthy, protected skin.

Active Ingredients:

nasturtium extract, stem cell extract from cranberries, Mexican giant hyssop extract

Recommended for:

Skin heavily exposed to radiation from computers, mobile phones, tablets and TV screens. For every skin type, ideal for sensitive skin

30 ml

FREE GIFT - Anti Age Ampoules by SOFRI

A mix of two Anti Age Ampoules (2 x 2 ml), for an activating and moisturizing additional care. Designed for tired, dull skin to provide a new radiance and new energy. Helps to reduce fine lines. The effect is enhanced if applied after a Needling Roller application.

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