BootyFULL - PLUMPING treatment

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Plump and volumise your booty by up to 1 inch, removing cellulite, stretch marks and boosting collagen production from within. Visible results in less than 90 days. Chew your way to collagen and feed your skin plants. Booty from the inside & outside.

Made and formulated in the UK by biochemical scientists and nutritionists, the BootyFULL home kit contains:

  • (per 30 day supply) 1 tub of 60 delicious cherry flavoured chewable Vegan Gummies. Infused with over £100 worth of natural vitamins to nourish from within. Designed to balance hormones internally by supporting the thyroid, responsible for body fat and skin tone. Great for promoting to burn stubborn body fat storage and giving the skin a glow dewy finish. Take 2 Gummies daily in the morning, in the afternoon or before food.

  • (per 30 day supply) 100ml BootyFULL cream, which is applied topically to the targeted area you wish to fill and volumise. It has been clinically proven to show plumping results to the skin within 30 - 90 days. Made with our plant-based amino acid Isoleucine which repairs and builds tissue to give a rounder fuller appearance. Also blended with coconut oil to feed and nourish the skin, olive oil to deeply moisturise and enrich whilst our castor oil and papaya extract attacks fatty cellulite deposits to leave your skin tight, lifted, smooth and dimple free! ` Apply 2 times daily to the targeted areas in upwards circular motions. Suitable for areas: the buttocks, breasts and face.

  • The BootyFull treatment is to be used with a healthy balanced diet and exercise.


Dietary Notes

  • Vegan & Vegetarian Suitable

  • Soya, Dairy, Yeast, Gluten FREE

  • Halal Suitable

  • Cruelty Free & Chemical Free

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