Dermieye Plus


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The Opatra Dermieye Plus is a unique device, designed to combat dark circles, reduce puffiness, and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area.

The unique properties of Opatra anti-ageing skincare combines with the latest trio of technologies: LED light therapy, vibration massage, and heat. These are all known to help stimulate blood circulation in the eye area, and generate cell productions, and improve the appearance of your skin.

Featuring an innovative design, the Opatra Dermieye Plus combines the emission of two light therapy wavelengths. Red light improves the firmness of the skin , while the warm sonic vibrations relax and invigorate tired eyes. The blue light helps to target acne-causing bacteria and reduces inflammation.

To achieve the best results, Dermieye Plus should be used in conjunction with Opatra’s complete anti-ageing skincare range.


  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness around the eye area
  • Increases the effectiveness and absorption of eye contour creams and beauty products
  • Combines light therapy, heating technology, and massage therapy
  • Lightweight, compact and portable – take it anywhere you go
  • Micro-vibration massage - stimulates blood circulation to the eye area and helps to regenerate cell connection
  • Ergonomic and practical – easy to use
  • USB rechargeable


  1. Cleanse and dry the eye area thoroughly. 
  2. Apply eye serum or cream around the eye area, under eyes and outer corners.
  3. Switch Dermieye Plus ON to the first mode of blue light + vibration (low). 
  4. Hold the device and move it from the inner corner of the eye along to the lower eye line, to the temple.
  5. Press the switch button again to second mode: red light + vibration (high) + heat.
  6. Slowly move the Dermieye Plus in slow, sweeping motions, from the inner corner to the outer eye. 
  7. Moisturise 

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