Gel It Deluxe Kit


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New Gel Chemistry Advanced Sculpting Fused Gel Chemistry Gel Kit · Gel It Kit · EzFlow Gel nails are very popular among girls in all ages. Gel nails with a great durability and a beautiful shiny surface! You can apply all our nail art onto your gel nails, and you can combine gel nails with the new trendy uv gel polishes, which provide a world of colors with or without glitter. Gel nails opens up a world of possibilities! EzFlow's launched in 2009, this gel series which lives up to EzFlow's international reputation in the professional nail world. EzFlow's quality gives professional results for nail technicians all over the world with a superb sculpture gel. Their gels are uniquely strong, flexible, durable and naturally looking. Kit Contains: 14 ml. French IT. 14 ml. White IT. 14 ml. Clear it. 14 ml. Blush it. 14 ml. Pink it. 14 ml. Edge IT. 14 ml. Cover it. 14 ml. Bond. 14 ml. Primer. 14 ml. Finish it. 56 ml. Cleanse it. 5 ml. Brush on Resin. 1 Grey Fox file. 1 Grey Wolf file. 1 Metal Spatula 20 pcs Perfection tips 20 pieces. Classic French tips 20 pcs Leisure Tips 20 pieces. Nail Forms 60 pieces. EZ Wipes Instruction Book. OBS. The kit contains no uv lamp, tip cutter and nail oil. Important: Do not get in contact with skin. Keep out of sunlight, if not, the products will set. Keep out of reach of children. Very flammable.

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