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Jade Gua Sha StoneReduce the signs of ageing and induce a breath of fresh air to your skin with our Jade Gua Sha Stone!

The use of Jade as a beauty treatment can be traced back to the ancient customs of Chinese medicine, popular amongst the opulent ladyfolk of the time. Throughout history, crystals have been recognised to be filled with an energy-curative vibration that can heal, relax, elevate, calm, and rejuvenate the skin. Now available as a rich addition to your daily beauty ritual, the Jade Gua Sha Stone can improve the blood circulation in your face by 400% and help smooth away the wrinkles and also nourish your complexion.

Unlike many more cost effective alternatives available in the marketplace, our Jade Gua Sha Stone is sourced from the highest standard of pure jade crystal without undergoing any chemical treatments. Carefully carved to exquisite detail, designed to fit every curve of your face like a glove. The Jade Gua Sha Stone is used by modern day therapists and home users alike, because of its cooling qualities when in contact with skin, making it ultra-effective in relieving pain.

It closes the pores, removes the signs of tiredness from the face and gives a finish, similar to that of a primer. Enjoy the luxurious benefits of our Jade Gua Sha Stone in the comfort of your own home, leaving you feeling relaxed and invigorated.


    • Other than cleaning after use, our Jade Gua Sha Stone requires no other maintenance. However, many practitioners believe that your Jade Gua Sha Stone can be re-energised by the power of the moonlight. The stone is left out overnight on the night of a full moon so the user may enhance the natural qualities of the jade stone and enjoy more younger and radiant skin.

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