LART Pro Starter Kit


£142.95 +vat

LART products have innovative, improved formulas that have been created in response to the needs of nail professionals.

Advanced product technology guarantees perfect consistency, perfect pigmentation, economic efficiency and durability, and the vitamins and minerals contained in them ensure the strengthening of natural nails!

—Products have EXCELLENT CONSISTENCY - liquids don't thicken and powders are well-pigmented

—Our products strengthen and nourish natural nail surface, due to its titanium dioxide, mica, vitamin E and calcium content – they are NOT acrylic powders!

—DURABILITY - no chipping, no scratches. Protection against colour fading and yellowing

—No UV/LED lamp is required - saving time & money

—Nail extensions to any length

—EDUCATION AND PARTNERSHIP - we offer training on the LART Dip systems to ensure you're well-equipped and successful in using our Mineral Dip System and you could have an opportunity to become LART Educator

Starter kit contains:

—French White Powder (28g)

—Natural Clear Powder (28g)

—2x Colour Powder (14g)

—French Dip Moulding

—Gel Base (15ml)

—Gel Top (15ml)

—Quick Dry (15ml)

—Brush Cleaner (15ml)

—Vitamin Primer (15ml)

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