Lash Pillow & Work Station


£89 +vat
White Lash Pillow & Work Station All in One!

A Luxurious Lash Pillow and Work Station, all in one for the perfect Lash Artist!

Why Does This Lash Pillow Is Superior Than Others On The Market?

Exceptional comfort for clients ✔

Large Lash tile (Work station) that allows the Lash Strips to be placed and removed easily without any of the backing sticking to the tile. ✔

Magnetic Tile to stop your precious tweezers from moving or accidental dropping on the floor! ✔

One side is slightly higher than the other. Why? Because this will help with your vision and avoids straining your eyes. ✔

The client's head is lower than the tile, where you are working which leads to LESS irritation. Perfect for all clients, but especially the sensitive clients. ✔

Say goodbye to those hard to clean fabric pillows, this Luxury Lash Pillow is made from Faux Leather! That means it can be sanitised and cleaned after each client, gently wash with soapy water to keep clean. Try to ensure you also use tissue protection with each client. ✔

Extra pockets on the side to keep all the handy tools and products to access easily, just reach and grab! Speedy set of lashes have never been so easy. ✔

Control your posture when lashing, this is crucial and beneficial when working long hours lashing. The client's head is positioned closer to you with their body and shoulders relaxed. ✔

Save time when lashing, with the process of placing in adhesive to placement on the natural lash is reduced. ✔

Dimensions : L:62 X W:26 X H:15 ✔

[we have unique larger dimensions compared to others on the market]

Miranda Tarpey says : "I am in LOVE with these pillows. I have worked hard to manufacture the perfect Lash Pillows, they are the right size for all Lash Beds, the client's lay perfectly and personally for me, I can fan so much faster on the tile. This Lash Pillow makes my lashing and teaching life, so much easier! It is a beautiful and elegant addition to your lash room or salons."

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