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Issue 106 Contents 

- The Massage Connection
Pauline Baxter looks at massage from the point of view of both the client and practitioner. 

- Trauma – When Emotion and Energy Get Stuck in the Body
Emma Gilmore looks at the ways in which emotion and energy get stuck in our bodies in response to trauma. 

- Alleviating Headaches with Remedial Massage
In this article, Greg Morling looks at the symptoms and possible triggers of different types of headaches, along with some Remedial Massage techniques to alleviate headaches. 

- Why Should Massage Therapists Understand Movement?
Owen Lewis explores how massage therapists can make changes to their practice in order to benefit their clients and prepare them for the real world. 

- The Effects of Stress on Neck Pain 
Incorporating various techniques to help alleviate the pain experienced by her client.

- Are You Making the Most of your Manual Therapy and Soft Tissue Skills?
Simon Wellsted looks at some options for soft tissue therapy specialists to maximise their professional and business potential, through thinking and working differently.

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About Massage World Magazine ( The massage and body therapists magazine)

Massage World is a quarterly magazine with a national and international audience of massage and bodywork professionals.

Established 19 years ago, we are the first independent UK magazine focusing specifically on massage therapy and have a wealth of experience behind us.

With articles on new and established techniques, business information, professional trends and regular features from experienced practitioners in the field, we keep our subscribers in touch with their work, their clients and their own health.

Massage World is an active supporter of the General Council for Massage Therapy and it’s role in establishing Voluntary Self Regulation for the profession.

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