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Issue 108 Contents 

- Touch - The Forgotten Sense
In this article Emma Gilmore discusses the importance of touch and the consequences that are associated with lack of nurturing touch.  

- Are You Sitting Comfortably?
Pauline Baxter talks us through what you need to consider when buying a massage chair. 

- Post-Concussion Syndrome
Conor Collins explains what Post-Concussion Syndrome is and the importance of the massage therapist’s role in managing a patient’s symptoms. 

- Reflexology For Mental Health
Mark Woollard explains how reflexology can be used to help treat patients who have mental health conditions, concentrating on what he calls the Spirit, Emotion, Mind and Stress reflexes.

- Why is SKART Part of the 21st Century of Health? 
SKART (Structural Kinesiology Acupressure Release Technique) is a cutting-edge new diagnostic and therapeutic technique designed.

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About Massage World Magazine ( The massage and body therapists magazine)

Massage World is a quarterly magazine with a national and international audience of massage and bodywork professionals.

Established 19 years ago, we are the first independent UK magazine focusing specifically on massage therapy and have a wealth of experience behind us.

With articles on new and established techniques, business information, professional trends and regular features from experienced practitioners in the field, we keep our subscribers in touch with their work, their clients and their own health.

Massage World is an active supporter of the General Council for Massage Therapy and it’s role in establishing Voluntary Self Regulation for the profession.

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