Toxic-Free Nail Polish, Colour ALMOND

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Delicate, elegant and feminine! For any occasion. 

Size: 10 ml

Formulation: The perfect dose of pigments in the formulation guarantees a covering effect. Contains ingredients specifically designed to strengthen nail’s resistance like organic silicon.

Easy Apply: Fast and precise application due to its brush. An ergonomic cap for easy use.

How to use: to obtain an optimal result by extending two layers of product first at the center of the nail, then from the base to the edge, ending with the sides.

Prolong the duration with the help of our exclusive line of products for nail care.

- Use one of our Base Coats Treatments before applying the nail polish to protect the nails and improve nail polish last.

- After the nail polish, apply our Top Coat Fast Dry to achieve a brilliant effect and a quick drying.

- Degrease the nail surface before applying


Free of:


✓ Ketones


✓ Phathalates

✓ Polyurethane

✓ Petrochemical solvents

✓ Polyurethane film-formers

✓ Animal Cells

✓ Formaldehyde-like derivatives

✓ Parabens

✓ Camphor

✓ Mercury

✓ Lead

✓ Gluten, Wheat by-products

✓ Aromatic (Fragance)

✓ Hydrocarbons

Recommended for: everyone, including people with allergies and intolerances or under medical treatment (subject to authorization) and pregnant women.

Vegan Product 

Cruelty Free 

Long Duration

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